more from Paris

I have always loved street photography, the hard part is that you have to be patient and wait for the shots. With only 4 days in Paris, it was hard to stay put for very long. There is always so much to see. For a photographer…it is heaven.

Exciting new adventures…

I am showing my work at a gallery in the Ventura Harbor!! I recently partnered up with Steve Munch in a photo gallery called Latitudes Fine Art Gallery. I couldn’t be happier to start this new adventure. It has been a life long dream to travel and create beautiful photographs for others to enjoy and collect. The collections currently have images from Ventura, Santa Barbara and San Francisco and a bit of the desert southwest. We are already busting at the seams with needing more wall space!!

The best part about it is that we are waterfront down at the harbor – not a bad way to spend the day when we aren’t out shooting. The boat dock is just outside our door where we keep the kayak.

There will be lots more to come :)