Many adult learners sooner or later have to face the problem of the lack of progress in learning business English. In order to continuously develop your skills, you must constantly improve them. Read this article and get to know effective ways to improve your business English!

Professional course or individual lessons with a tutor

Learners are always divided into two groups. In the first group there are those who prefer group lessons and in the second group those who are only interested in lessons with a tutor. Regardless of what you choose, it is important that the course is professional and that the tutor is properly prepared for the lessons. That is why most tutors use ESL Business English, which includes a carefully prepared lesson structure, but also interesting topics that deepen current knowledge.

Reach for more and more

It is not just about developing more skills and reaching more levels, but also about higher expectations towards the lessons. ESL Business English does not necessarily have to have just general vocabulary, but the materials can be varied with many specialized phrases. Lessons can often be diversified by focusing only on specialized vocabulary from particular areas, e.g. finance, economics, accounting. Specialization will certainly help you develop your English language learning.

Frequent and regular contact with authentic materials

Even the most carefully prepared ESL Business English course in the world will not be effective if it does not include authentic materials. There are plenty of possibilities, and what is more, with the help of such materials you can practise different skills: reading, listening, writing and speaking. English-language materials are everywhere, and many of them are freely available on the Internet. These can be news on websites as well as trade magazines. Many business vlogs, books and magazines can be found online. In addition, business language can be learned, for example, from BBC Business Daily podcasts. For intensive learning and to observe your progress, it is worth preparing ESL Business English, even when attending group or individual lessons, which you can use in your free time to revise the material from your lessons or treat it as an additional lesson. The way you work with the materials is also important. Remember to work actively (e.g. noting down new vocabulary, questions or transcription), but also passively. Just use the audio materials as a background while doing other activities at house.


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