Poly Mailers Near Me


If you’re looking for bubble-padded poly mailers near me, custom-branded poly mailers, or expansion poly mailers, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, you’ll learn more about the various types and how much they cost. There’s no need to spend a fortune to get the quality and service you need.

Poly mailers are a great alternative to boxes and can be easily customized to match your business or brand’s identity. They are also cheaper to buy in bulk than boxes and can cost as little as $0.25 per unit when purchased in bulk.

Poly mailers protect items from dirt, moisture, punctures, and rips. Imagine a $50 jacket being shipped from Miami to Colorado. If it’s shipped in a cardboard box, it might end up in the snow and slush.

Cost of bubble-padded poly mailers

Bubble-padded poly mailers come in different sizes and styles, and many are padded with bubble wrap to prevent damage during shipping. While boxes are a staple of shipping, they are not necessary for all products.

Mailers are cheap, especially when purchased in bulk. A 6” x 10” mailer will cost about $1.25 per unit, but can cost much less if purchased in bulk. Poly mailers are often cheaper than boxes.

Cost of expansion poly mailers

Expansion poly mailers are plastic 13×16 envelopes with a gusseted bottom, allowing them to fit thicker items. They can fit between twenty and forty percent more material than regular mailers. They are also water proof, which means they keep items dry.

Poly mailers are affordable, making them a great option for shipping non-fragile goods. They can be purchased in bulk for as low as $0.25 per unit. In comparison, cardboard boxes can cost up to $1.25 per unit, so it pays to buy them in bulk.

Cost of custom-branded poly mailers

Custom-branded poly mailers are a great way to give your customers a special message about your company. They are made of durable, lightweight polyurethane and are water-resistant, making them a great alternative to boxes. Since boxes require more shipping materials, custom poly mailers are a more affordable and effective shipping option.

If you need custom-branded poly mailers in large quantities, flexography is a great option. This type of printing uses a combination of a mesh and frame to spread ink onto the poly mailer. The process requires a prepress process and plate-making.

Where to buy poly mailers

Poly mailers can be found in most shipping supplies stores, but there are also online retailers that sell compostable and recyclable mailers. These mailing envelopes feature a self-sealing adhesive strip so they’re easy to close securely and offer plenty of space for shipping information.

The cost of poly mailers depends on a variety of factors, including size, durability, materials, and eco-friendliness. You should consider the image that you’re trying to create for your business.


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