Hair loss is one of the common side effects of chemotherapy that can cause significant distress to cancer patients. Losing your hair can make you feel uncomfortable and anxious. However, it is important to know that hair growth after chemo is possible when you are using hair growth products such as a hair growth kit.

Hair growth after chemo usually is seeable three to six months after the therapy. During this period, you may notice that your hair has a different shade or texture but that does not always have to be the case. Hair growth after chemo occurs in stages and understanding these stages can help you manage your expectations.

Hair Growth Stages after Chemo

Hair growth after chemo starts a couple of weeks after the end of the treatment. At this point, you will notice fuzzy hairs starting to form especially if you have few hairs. About five weeks post-chemo new hairs become visible and the hairs that started to regrow become a bit thicker. To stimulate hair growth further you can use a hair growth kit existing out of a lotion and roller.

A hair growth lotion can stimulate and activate hair growth in multiple ways due to the active ingredients that it contains, giving the non-activated hair follicles an extra stimulus to grow. Combined with a hair growth-enhancing roller the ingredients can easier reach the hair follicles and stimulate hair growth. After two to three months an inch of hair may have grown and between three to six months some 2-3 inches of hair may have grown, covering bald patches that were formed by hair loss from chemo.

What Products to Use for Hair Growth?

To stimulate hair growth after chemo you can use Minoxidil, which is a drug that has been shown to speed up hair growth after chemo. However, Minoxidil can cause side effects such as acne, burning of the scalp, reddened skin, and inflammation. An alternative is Neoxyl®, which is a hair growth complex that exists out of effective ingredients that tackle hair loss in multiple ways, making it a safe and effective option for growing hairs after chemo. Additionally, vitamins and minerals can play a crucial role in hair growth after chemo. Getting enough Biotin, Vitamin A, Iron, and Vitamin C in your body can help to create healthy hair.


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